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Billie Cornell

  • 1032 Golden Ave.
  • Woodstock, IL 60098
  • 815-354-6719

About Me

Hi! I am Billie Cornell, wife, mother, daughter, programmer, website designer, taxi driver and now a Young Living Independent Distributor. As you can guess I've got a really busy schedule. I work part time out of my home, no wait, I'm full time out of my home because if you work from home your always working.

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by my son's life coach. We were looking for ways to help him focus and also help him sleep better at night. We started with just a couple of essential oils that his coach recommended. One was RutaVala which I almost sent back because I thought it smelled so bad. Wouldn't you know that is one of my favorite essential oils now and I use it every night. I was pretty doubtful but was willing to try anything at this point. Well, I was surprised to see that they actually did help and so then I began to try a few others. I was hooked. I ordered my starter kit and began my journey. I started sharing the amazing results right away. By the next spring I had my first home workshop. I wasn't going to call them "parties" because I don't do those types of "parties". Since them I've hosted at least one a month with a few exceptions. I call the Share and Learn Workshops.

I've learned a lot since I started but there is so much more to learn. Don't let it overwhelm you. Focus on what you can handle now and then when you are ready take the next step. Most people start with the Essential Oils like I did. Then I tried the Thieves product line. Now I use many of the supplements. Slowly I'm moving myself and my family to a healthier lifestyle along with having a business that I can love.

Welcome to the journey. This is just a start. You never know where it will take you!